3 Surprising Hydration Benefits That You Should Know

Water forms a significant percentage of your body. Sadly, most people don’t realize the importance of hydration and get dehydrated at some point. Hydration benefits your body in numerous ways, and you should drink enough water all the time. By staying hydrated, you improve your skin’s health and metabolism. You also enjoy many other benefits, and there are multiple reasons to say hydrated.

Important things to know about hydration

 Hydration is a process involving two inputs; these are water and electrolytes. Individuals with healthy kidneys and sweat glands have a lower likelihood of suffering dehydration. However, not many people have a powerful system for electrolyte intake, and many rely on dietary options to get essential minerals and fluid balance.

 Proper fluid balance ensures smooth functioning of your body fluids such as blood, sweat, tears, urine and more. Examples of the key constituents in your body fluids are sodium and potassium; they help regulate fluids on your body’s cells, allowing for excellent fluid balance.

This is the reason why most people opt for IV therapy. It takes longer for your body to process water through your digestive system, but IV injections infuse water into your bloodstream, thus hydrating you quickly. The best bit about this treatment is that you can now opt for mobile IV therapy for a more comfortable experience.

Why is hydration so important?

  1. Improves energy

Dehydration can lead to sodium deficiency, particularly among athletes and carb-dieters. Athletes lose lots of sodium through sweat, while low-card dieters lose sodium through urination. If you are dehydrated, you’ll experience bouts of fatigue, meaning that your electrolyte levels are low. However, staying hydrated improves your body functions resulting in high energy levels.

  1. Minimzes headaches

Various things can cause headaches, and one potential cause is dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Therefore, if you’re not well hydrated, you may experience headaches often. How does this happen? When you get dehydrated, your brain temporarily contracts due to fluid loss. This pulls it away from the skull, causing pain and dehydration headache. But, once you drink enough water, your brain returns to normal, which relieves the headache.

  1. Improves sleep& skin health

Water plays a critical role in your skin health. If you suffer dehydration, you’ll likely have dry skin and cracked lips. Hydration also ensures proper balance of electrolytes like magnesium which helps support better sleep. It’s shown to decrease insomnia and promote deep sleep among the elderly. Similarly, sodium decreases REM sleep and wakefulness at night.

How will IV therapy help with dehydration?

Hydration therapy involves the insertion of an IV line to administer fluids and electrolytes into your veins. These include essential vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, magnesium, calcium and more. The process works very fast to detox your system and eases digestion. Since the fluids are directly infused into your bloodstream, the solution is absorbed more quickly, leading to optimal hydration.

Final thoughts

 Your body requires optimal hydration levels to function efficiently. While you can drink enough water to stay hydrated, and IV therapy also goes a long way. It hydrates your body and furnishes it with essential minerals and vitamins. This helps improve your brain functions, eases digestion and helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

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