Benefits of Shoes With Removable Heels

Did you know that what you decide to wear usually starts with your shoes?  Women who wear high heels shoes develop higher self-esteem than any other woman around them. The additional height, the perfect body curves presentation, and turned-up outfit are some of the advantages of wearing high heel shoes. But high heel shoes are known for causing sore feet, reducing the back’s ability to absorb shock, which leads to back pain and balls of the feet.

But at times, you need to wear the high heel shoes while taking precautions. This has subjected most women to be carrying an extra pair of flat shoes in their handbags which is tiresome. But here is the good news, convertible shoes are now available. You can change from high heel state to flat sole shoes in just five seconds. Below are some of the benefits of shoes with removable heels.

  • The shoes are practical and multipurpose.

You can wear the shoes in the high heel state to work, then as you walk home, convert the shoes into flats for you to head for a yoga class or maybe buy some groceries. The possibilities are numerous since you can perform both the high heel and flat sole shoe duties with just a single pair of shoes.

  • The shoes are easier to pack and are of less weight.

Since the extended heel part can be detached, the convertible shoes occupy less space than fixed high-heels when packing. The material used in the shoe production is light; thus, no tiring weight for you travel.

  • The shoes lower the knee and back pain.

Since heels cause knee and back pain, converting into flat sole once you begin to feel the pain will help reduce the damages caused by the heels. The convertibles make your feet to be in a natural position.

  • Shoes with removable heels are economical.

In terms of value, the shoe is worth it since it a single pair formed through the merging of two different pairs. The shoe has additional features and some added functionalities.

  • Improves your feet’ health.

Not only if you have a severe foot problem, will wearing heels sometimes harm you. The convertibles make it easy and fast whenever you want to switch into a different orientation, for it is wise to alternate between heels and flat sole shoes. It takes 5 seconds tops for you to change from one form to the other.

  • They Improve your safety.

It is not wise to drive in heels. Experts advise most drivers to go while wearing flat shoes, which will force you to carry an extra pair of shoes in your car. But with the convertible shoes, you can detach the heel, drive to your destination and attach it back to give you the confident and outstanding look. Also, in case of an emergency, you shift to the flat sole for easy springing.

Shoes with removable heels offer comfort since they are athletic wear. Recurrent changes in your shoe style and learning the perfect footwear are some of the ways to maintain your feet, mind, and body fit at large.

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