Best Summer Beach Wave Tutorial – How to get perfect beach waves easily 

Beach waves remain one of the most versatile hairstyles ever. Being a cross between straight hair and curls, it can be worked on any hair length and type. It can also be styled to match any occasion, whether a night out or a business meeting. The styling increases hair volume and movement, which helps draw attention to where it matters most, your beautiful face.

So, given how sophisticated the hairstyle is, it must be complicated to master, right? Wrong.

Below is a comprehensive tutorial to get you started. It is an ideal resource for you, whether as a beginner or a pro looking to perfect your skills.

So what do you use to make beach waves?

Most experts swear by a curling iron from The Farrah to make beach waves. The smaller curling iron barrels are ideal for, the tighter classic waves, while more enormous barrels create the voluminous waves.

To create the perfect beach wave using a curling iron is quite simple;

  • Prep the hair by spraying a protectant, then separate it into halves.
  • Place an inch or two of hair into the curling iron when holding it straight with the clamp facing outward. Steadily twist the iron away from your face.
  • Hold the clamp at the crown of your head for around three to four seconds. Open the clamp and release the iron downwards.
  • Repeat the procedure to cover the whole head. Apply hold hairspray on the hair to keep your waves in position.

Above is an essential process for making the simple curling wand beach waves. However, given its versatility, there are many ways to rock the beach waves. These  include;

  1. Beach waveswith long layers

To make the perfect beach waves with long layers, you need the one-and-a-half-inch curling iron with low heat settings. After separating the hair into halves, curl each strand into parietal sections.

You will curl the hair away from your face at the center of the head for a disheveled look. Pull the hair in different directions, then run your fingers through it after a few minutes.

  1. S-shaped beach waves

Using a flat iron and heat protectant, you can make killer S-shaped beach waves. You first have to straighten all the strands of your hair iron and twist them on the iron. Rotate the iron back and forth and glide it in all head sections.

  1. Overnight beach waves

Who said you could not get beach waves in your sleep? Well, you can. You only need to leave some front pieces of your hair out, then separate the rest of the hair into three equal parts. Make a soft regular braid, then secure it with an elastic. Unravel the braids in the morning and shake out any hair left out.

  1. Beach waves with braids

If you are looking to bring some touch of creativity, adding braids is an option. Curl a bigger part of the hair while leaving the space for a braid or two.

Feel free to try different beach wavesstyling depending on the hair length, time available, occasion, and adventure. Get your curling iron from The Farrah today to get creative on your hair.

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