Fight Your Dry Scalp Problems With The Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil

Apart from being a household staple in your kitchen cabinets, coconut oil has heaping benefits for hair and skin health. It won’t be a hyperbole to name coconut oil as a ‘cure- all’ ingredient especially for your hair and scalp. Coconut oil in its purest form is great at hydrating your strands from its first use itself. Usually an active ingredient in hair masks and serums, coconut oil is also extremely beneficial for your scalp health.

If you have flaky or tighter scalp, applying coconut oil directly can nourish your scalp as virgin coconut oil benefits for hair and scalp in many ways. In this article we will tell you everything there is to know about oil benefits for your scalp. But before you get oiling, let us understand what causes dry scalp.

Causes of dry scalp:

The internal cause for dry scalp can be more than one. Your scalp could be dry naturally or you may have itchiness due to dandruff. However, not everyone with dry scalp has dandruff and vice versa but it does cause flakes on your scalp.

Dry flakes of your scalp may look very similar to dandruff and the easy way to tell the difference is to have a closer look at it. Flakes caused by dandruff can look oilier and the skin of the scalp is often red. However, if you suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, a form of eczema, it is best to avoid coconut oil to lower sebum production.

Benefits of virgin coconut oil

The benefits of virgin coconut oil for hair are many but are equally great on the scalp. Let us go through some of the amazing benefits to help you decode why coconut oil is good for hair.

  • To restore moisture:

Coconut oil is great at not only moisturising  the skin but also preventing any damage to the scalp by increasing the skin’s surface lipid levels. Since coconut oil can restore moisture, it also infuses vital proteins in the hair shaft.

  • To relieve inflammation:

If you have naturally dry scalp or due to dandruff, chances are, your scalp is going through inflammation. Due to its anti- inflammatory properties, coconut oil relieves your skin from any irritation and inflammation by soothing it gently.

  • A perfect antimicrobial:

Coconut oil is enriched with fatty acids such as lauric, oleic, and caprylic acids, all of these a great source of antifungal properties. This helps heal any kinds of irritation on the scalp. The cause of many irritated skin is dandruff which can be effectively treated by coconut oil.

Try Coco Soul:

If you would rather buy the haircare treatment than DIY your hair mask, we recommend using cold pressed virgin coconut oil by Coco Soul.

Coco Soul hair oil is infused with virgin coconut and ayurvedic herbs. Made from ‘cold- pressed’ technology, this virgin coconut oil retains all purity of the coconut.

You can also lay your hands on the shampoo and conditioner made from harsh chemical- free hair products.

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