Four tips to steal the show (and boost your personal brand) at work

There are a few terms that come and go in the workplace environment, and it would be fair to say that “personal branding” is one of the most current. Put simply; this covers a whole magnitude of different areas, ranging from communication, knowledge to beauty and fashion. Naturally, it’s the latter elements of this definition which today’s post is going to focus on.

The basis of personal branding is that the more you invest in yourself, the better your chances of netting those elusive promotions at work. You’ll make better first impressions, come off as a much more accomplished professional and as a result, your career will soar. Of course, there can be slightly more to it than that, but this sums up the theory at least.

Bearing this in mind, let’s now take a look at four areas of your beauty and fashion regime that you can look at in a bid to boost your personal branding in the workplace environment.

Create your brand

It sounds quite corporate, but that’s exactly what personal branding is about. Companies invest a lot of money in developing their own brand, and you need to do the same as a person.

If you work in an ultra-corporate environment, it goes without saying that your fashion and beauty choices need to follow suit. In other words, you can’t leave anything to chance, and any garment bordering on the informal is just out of the question.

Of course, everyone is going to be different with these choices, and there are no direct tips to tell you what to wear. Instead, pick an upmarket shopping district like Covent Garden, do a bit of window shopping, and go from there.

Be consistent with your style

Following on from the previous point about branding, let’s talk about a small point about consistency. Put, your style has to be consistent, and swerving from trend to trend daily isn’t going to create any sort of solid image for you. Remember, your personal brand is all about developing an image. If you are changing this image regularly, it’s all for nothing.

Use colour to your advantage

Use it wisely, and colour can be a secret weapon in your mission to create a powerful personal brand. If you go overboard, the results can be overwhelming, but some colours can convey a message which tells the world what your persona is all about. It doesn’t require much work on your part, but it’s an easy way to make your fashion choices do all of the talking.

Beware of the perils of jewellery

In truth, we have honed in on jewellery for this final point but there are several examples. While there are umpteen benefits when it comes to accessorising, it has to be done within reason. If you go overboard, you’ll be like a sparkly musical instrument as you wander past colleagues in the office.

Then, if you don’t invest enough in your accessories, your outfit needs to work hard to make you stand out. Finding the right balance is key to perfecting your personal brand.

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