Doesn’t it sound weird that you want to apply makeup that looks like no makeup? The off-duty look ‘no makeup on’ vibes are trendy. A natural makeup look is ideal when you want a change from your go-to bright lipstick shade or smoky eyeshadow to a fresh face. A well-moisturized skin polished with neutral shades of makeup gives you the ultimate natural makeup look.

Creating a natural makeup look can be hard to achieve unless you are an experienced makeup artist. But worry not because this guide gives you some expert tips for achieving natural makeup looks.

Take care of your skin first.

A natural makeup look is all about glowing, and the best way to achieve that is to have a natural glowy skin. Before applying any makeup, it is advisable to embark on some skin prep by using a hydrating mask to ensure your skin is well moisturized. It would be best to do it earlier to let it sit for about 10minutes before applying a primer.

Brighten your base

After moisturizing, apply a primer and blend using fingertips for a smooth canvas for neutral makeup. A primer creates a base to keep your makeup in place and last the whole day rather than sliding around your face. Be sure to apply a primer that suits your skin type. For instance, an illuminating primer gives you a glow from within, while a pore filling primer smoothens and covers the pores without clogging them.

Cover lightly

To achieve a natural makeup look, you have to go light on the coverage. Therefore steer clear of full coverage foundations. You can go with BB, CC creams, or a tinted moisturizer to add some hydration to your skin and still allow some of your imperfections to shine through. If you must, pour a pump of your foundation on the back of your hand and use a buffing foundation brush to apply on your face lightly.

Apply the concealer lightly

While it may be irresistible to apply a heavy concealer to cover all your blemishes, remember that you want a natural makeup look. After all, not everyone notices that slight imperfection you are obsessing over. Therefore, you should only tap the concealer where you really need it, like on reddened cheeks or under your eyes. It is best to blend with your fingers for the concealer to melt in.

Brush up your brows

Brows have an impact on your no-makeup look, and you don’t want them to look too done, so you should go with a brushed effect by just teasing the strands upwards. If you use the eye pencil, ensure the strokes are light, then add a tint of eyebrow mascara to hold your brow shape.

Soften the eyeliner

Going for a natural makeup look doesn’t mean you skip the eyeliner. It is good to lightly trace along your upper and lower lash line to create a sultry, eye-catching color, then use mascara to enhance your lashes.

Create dewy lips

Finish your natural makeup look with a dewy lip gloss, then press your lips together to blend for a dewy lip look.

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