How To Check Whether The Clothes Are Long Lasting Or Not?

If you are a shopaholic person, you may know some places from where you buy clothes regularly. Unfortunately, some clothes get torn in just a few washes, while some are long-lasting. Do you know why? Well, it all depends upon the quality of the product. There are so many cheap clothes for women available in the market which are inexpensive but come in excellent quality.

On the other hand, you can also get a piece of tangible and expensive cloth that gets ruined in two to three washes. So how will you figure out whether your clothes are long-lasting or not? In that case, here are tips for you. Consider them before buying any clothing piece.

Material isn’t see through

Whenever you shop offline or online, always check the material of the cloth. It will tell you a lot of things. For instance, if you buy cheap maxi dresses whose material is thin, they will automatically get torn after wearing them for a long time.

 No doubt, lightweight material clothes are very comfortable in hot weather, but sheer material means it contains fewer fibres. However, good quality clothes mean thick and heavy material, and your undergarments are invisible. They are more durable and reliable.

Your bottoms are thick and stiff

If you purchased a new pair of jeans and feel uncomfortable in them, then, to be honest, it is a good sign. Soft jean means the bad quality of the material. You may feel comfortable in it, but it loses its elasticity and durability after some time.

High-quality bottom wear means it has a heavy fabric and stiff material. However, it gets comfortable after you wear it a couple of times. So next time you buy a bottom for yourself, make sure you choose thick fabric rather than thin if you want it to be long-lasting.

 The cloth seems should not have gaps

The next sign you can see whether the clothes are durable or not through seems. A cloth with tighter seems will have fewer chances of splitting. If you stretch the garments from one side and see the gap on the other side, the fabric is of poor quality and constructed badly. Durable clothes have harder stitches than regular ones and no unnecessary gaps. It makes sure that you are buying long-lasting garments.

The fabric should match the seam

The best way to check the quality of the checked garments is to see whether the patterns match the seams. For example, you can check if the pockets match the rest of the material or if the collar part is the same. It will tell you about the quality of the cloth.

A pattern like stripes or plaids at the pockets takes extra fabric and time. Generally, low-quality clothes do not go under this process which automatically makes your clothes poor looking and endurable. On the other hand, branded clothes or high-quality material cloths have double layering on the pockets, which will tell you it is constructed very well.

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