How to look for the best jewelry subscription box?

Do you love jewelry but don’t have spare time to go to a shop? It is best to look at the jewelry subscription box as they have a lot of choices that are from the market. From ordinary to gorgeous diamond jewelry subscription boxes like Nikola Valenti which were seen as new and stylish. You don’t have to exert effort to go to a store to buy it. Now you can ship it in front of your door.

Is a jewelry subscription really worth it?

You have to assess whether you like a jewelry subscription box or not. Once you’re into a jewelry subscription box it won’t save you tons of money. So it is better to understand how it works for you. Most people love the jewelry subscription because of new designs, styles, and convenience. You may need jewelry to attend a special event or wear it every day because it can spice up your outfit.

The subscription service means you don’t have to go to a shop or look it up online. This is perfect for people that are busy. It will give you new styles that are actually out of your zone but you try it to adapt to new changes. When it is your first time you might need a list of what you need to look for in a jewelry box.

Things you have to look for in a jewelry box

For you to experience the best jewelry subscription box you need to have specifications on your mind. It is best to understand everything, especially the red flags to avoid the worst options.

Shipping and return policies

There are times that the subscription box is only good on pictures but only to find out that it was plain. So you might return or have a complaint about it. For the shipping and returns, it is better that you have a clear price for the shipping. Know how the items are being delivered and policies for any refunds when there is a damaged or missing item.

The pricing and other options

You have to analyze the price before having it. But when you don’t like to analyze the price you at least know its value. The prices should be clear before you can sign up and it should be reasonable for the number of items and the quality of the jewelry.


It is better that you have a selection of jewelry to be on the trend for a few months. It is also a good idea to see samples of the boxes of Nikola Valenti so you have to know what you have to expect before you can sign up.

The quality

To have the best jewelry subscription box service it needs to be of good quality. You have to look for a quality that matches the price and service. You also have to know deeper information about the materials, source, and construction.

The Customer reviews

Make sure that the subscription service has positive reviews from the customers. It is necessary to check the reviews of other customers to know whether it is a good subscription box or not.

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