How To Take Care Of Your Hair In Winters?

No matter how cozy the wispy winds of winters might feel, they take a huge toll on your luscious tresses. They can steal all the moisture from your scalp and leave you with an endless list of hair woes. For starters, your hair becomes dry, which invites frizziness along with brittle ends. Dealing with such a mane is surely tedious but it isn’t impossible. So, just sit back and relax, while we cue some of the best ways to manage and care for dry hair in winters.

1.  Deep Conditioning For The Win!

Deep conditioning is the easiest way to combat your winter hair woes. It moisturizes your scalp, restores your hair health, and tames frizz. Thus, you should use a deep conditioning hair mask, once a week to get the desired results. If a hair mask isn’t your game, then simply apply a hair conditioner as a pre-poo treatment.

2.  Invest In Professional Hair Products

Today, there are different kinds of shampoo available online, but you need to pick one that moisturizes your scalp and doesn’t strip out the natural oils. Similarly, you should look for a moisturizing conditioner for dry hair, which can add moisture back into the hair strands. Overall, you need to use professional haircare products, which are meant for dry hair type.

3.  Pick Your Styling Products Wisely

As your hair is already dealing with dryness, running a hot tool over it isn’t the right choice. But if you simply can’t do with heat styling, then you use a hair serum formulated for dry hair. This will keep your hair from drying out and will protect it from heat styling damage.

4.  Follow A Precise Haircare Routine

  • Hot Oil Massage: Start your haircare routine by massaging some warm virgin coconut, jojoba, or almond oil on your scalp. Keep it on for 30-60 minutes.

  • Shampoo and Condition: Once your scalp is well-nourished, wash it with a moisturizing shampoo formulated for dry hair. Follow it up with a conditioner for dry hair. Remember to apply the conditioner only to the lengths of your hair.

  • Serum/Leave-in Treatments: Finish your winter haircare routine with a hair serum or apply moisturizing leave-in treatments. Now, go ahead and style your hair with minimal heat.

A Snapshot Of Things To Avoid In Winters

  • Hot water showers
  • Excessive heat styling
  • Excessive shampooing
  • Regular towels for drying your hair
  • Stepping out with wet hair

Dealing with a winter mane can be a little tricky, but now that you are well-versed with these tips and tricks, nothing can stop you from flaunting soft and smooth hair.

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