Rent a stairlift and welcome your infirm mum to your home

It’s a wonderful time in your life, married and in a beautiful home which you have gradually improved. What’s more, you are expecting a baby. You want your mum to be around, but she struggles badly with her hip.

Not to worry, as you have been told about stairlift rental in Tamworth by a friend, which is a perfect solution.

You know that it is affordable, after receiving a free consultation from a member of the friendly family orientated business. You were concerned that your curved stairwell would be a problem, but your mind is put at rest, as the installation team deal with and solve such issues regularly.

The benefits to your mum are huge. There will be no painful climbing of the stairs, which can also add to damaging the joint further. She will have her independence throughout her stay, with the stairlift coming with a wireless remote control. She will have more energy when her grandchild arrives.

You will have a peace of mind if you leave her alone, knowing that she will not risk injury or a trip when climbing the stairs, and the seat on the model that you are renting has a swivel seat for ease of access. You know that you will receive the same customer service as those who buy a stairlift from the same company.

A stairlift rental is the perfect solution to allow those struggling with stairs to be able to stay and enjoy a fun free time as part of the family.

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