Shaving soaps rejuvenate your skin and give you a fresh look

Extra pressure while shaving can damage the lipid barrier and epidermis level of the skin. While using a cartridge blade, you need additional force to remove facial hairs. Single blade razor is beneficial for your skin as you have complete control while shaving and apply optimal pressure in sensitive areas. If you want to shave the second time, you can apply minimum pressure without damaging the skin. But many individuals use a five-blade cartridge when a safety razor is good enough for a clean shave; the reason is impressive advertisement and brilliant marketing. The ads convince the audience extra blade makes the shaving session more effective. If adding more blades is the solution, the number of blades could be innumerable at some time.

Shave along with the hair growth

A poor shave causes many skin problems, chiefly razor burn, which may last for hours or days depending upon its severity. The best shaving soaps generate ample leather, so the blade glides smoothly, giving a closer and comfy shave. After leathering your beard, shave along with the hair growth, not in the opposite direction. After shaving, wash your face with cold water to close the open pores, apply after shave lotion, followed by moisturizer for optimal result. The whole process will rejuvenate your skin and give you a fresh look and feeling all through the day.

The whole process will soon become a morning regime, but which one is better, shaving soap or cream. Shaving cream mostly sold in tubes is a recent development in men`s toiletry; shaving soaps and bars were t only option till the early 20th century. Although you can apply shaving cream straight on yr face, but for better results and experience, use a brush to whip the cream. Use the brush in a circular motion, pushing the hair grain in the opposite direction to which it lays.

Memorable aroma, nostalgic experience

The appeal of vintage shaving soap embedded in a well-crafted bowl clearly signifies old school undertone. Suppose you fall under that genus of men, who love to stand at the basin, whipping the bush into the shaving soap, releasing a memorable aroma, giving nostalgic experience. In that case, the traditional shaving soap is the only answer.

The duo of single-blade razors with natural fragrant shaving soap can give you a fantastic shaving experience. The ingredients used in shaving soap make it different from regular ones. A regular soap bar is crafted for cleansing purposes to generate leather that removes oil and dirt from the skin. But a shaving soap is shaped not to clean your skin but to provide a protective barrier between the cut-throat razor and delicate facial skin. Bathing soap produces thin, bubbly leather that is effective for cleaning skin but not shielding your skin from the razor. Shaving soaps produce denser leather to create a protective layer.

Best shaving soap generates generous leather volume when you whisk it with a shaving brush. You may assume the soaps that generate more leather are best. But it is not the case; more leather can dry up quickly without giving sufficient protection, so aim for the medium one. Premium quality shaving soaps have a moisturizing element, which keeps your skin hydrated and softens whiskers for a comfortable shave.

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