Things to consider while buying a sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are liquid bottles that carry the promise of safety for us. Due to the pandemic that came upon the world in 2020, the significance of using a hand sanitizer skyrocketed. Today, almost each person always has a sanitizer around or on them. Sanitizers come in hand-sized bottles that can easily be stored in small corners of a bag or in pockets.

Most users of sanitizer often blindly buy their sanitizer bottles without having any prior knowledge of how to choose one. Since sanitizers contain chemicals, it is important to know exactly what kind of hand sanitizer is good for you and then make an informed choice. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind while buying a hand sanitizer:

Alcohol content

A good and effective hand sanitizer must contain 60% and above alcohol content, as said by the Centre of Disease Prevention (CDC), to be able to effectively kill microbes on your hands. Anything below the mentioned percentage will be mild on the hands and will not kill enough germs.

This alcohol content can come from two kinds of alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, or ethyl alcohol. If a hand sanitizer contains Benzalkonium Chloride, then it is not as effective at killing germs and must be avoided.

Do not buy anything homemade or alcohol-free

The CDC advises against using homemade hand sanitizers as they are in general not as effective. Even alcohol-free sanitizers do not kill enough germs and can still put you at risk.

Expiry dates

Since sanitizers contain alcohol and other chemicals, they are only potent for a certain time period. So, make sure you read the expiry date before purchasing a hand sanitizer as an expired one will not be able to do its job well.

If a hand sanitizer contains toxic ingredients like methanol, then it must be avoided.

Other good ingredients to look out for

Other than alcohol, some good ingredients to look out for while buying a new hand sanitizer are glycerine, distilled water, and Hydrogen peroxide. Additionally, have some fragrance to a sanitizer is also good. Rubbing hand sanitizer may cause drying of skin and fill your senses with the smell of alcohol. This is where glycerine, which is a moisturising agent, helps calm the skin down and a good fragrance masks the strong smell of alcohol to give you a pleasant sanitizing experience.

Every Savlon Fresh Hand Sanitizer Liquid contains ethyl alcohol, glycerine, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water and a fresh fragrance which will give you the best hand sanitizing experience daily! This Savlon hand sanitizer effectively kills, bacteria, fungi, and Mould and other100 disease-causing germs. With 50 years’ experience in the market, this hand sanitizer promises 99.99% germ-protection and is your best choice for a good-quality hand sanitizer.

Now that you know how to find the right hand sanitizer, make sure to use it as and when you interact with foreign surfaces, sick people, or pets. Hand sanitizers should be used if you visit hospitals, schools, offices and other public places. A hand sanitizer is the best option when you don’t have water and handwash around and need to keep your hands clean! Make sure to use your hand sanitizer for almost 30 seconds and cover all the surfaces of your hands for the best sanitization.

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