Top Tips to Promote & Sustain Healthy Hair

We all want shiny, vibrant hair, but where do we start when aiming for a healthy look? There are all sorts of vitamins and shampoos on the market and every advertisement online and on TV peddle their product as being the best thing since sliced bread. If you are feeling a bit confused, here are some great tips to help you obtain healthy hair.

Regular Haircuts: Regularly visiting your hair salon is a great way to keep your mop healthy and vibrant. At Sassy Hair, stylists recommend clients frequently visit the salon in order to take advantage of their professional service. Research shows that getting regular haircuts helps to keep your hair healthy as it enhances hair growth and gets rid of dead cells. If split ends are not removed frequently, they can split all the way to the top and damaged the entire strand.

Vitamins: Using vitamins in your hair care routine is essential as they nourish and strengthen your hair. The way you get enough vitamins for your hair is in your diet. Look for food that contains vitamins such as fish oil, zinc, iron, and vitamins C & D. All of these compounds help to aid hair growth and strengthen the stands. Getting the right number of vitamins is essential for hair health and your health in general.

Natural Shampoo: It is sensible to invest in natural shampoo that doesn’t damage your hair. Many generic shampoo brands contain all sorts of harmful chemicals which are best kept away from our hair. Organic shampoo doesn’t contain destructive substances that strip away essential skin oils.

Don’t Apply Heat – We all know that heat damages our hair, so why do we continue to use devices to style it? There are other ways to create different looks that don’t need to be heated into position using a hair straightener. You can always try out new styles by getting creative and using all kinds of braids and chic low buns. Another way to change your look without using a hair straightener is to use hair oils on wet hair allowing it to dry into waves.

To ensure your hair stays healthy and vibrant you must follow a strict routine. It is important to regularly get your haircut by a professional to ensure growth and to eliminate damaged strands. If you are not sure where to start, you can always book an appointment with a knowledgeable hairstylist.

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