Understanding Acne Treatment in Singapore

It might be difficult to find the proper remedy for your acne scars and pimples. The concept is straightforward. Because acne scars and pimples are unique to each individual, not every treatment is appropriate for you. Some individuals have various forms of acne scars like boxcar scars, rolling scars, or ice-pick scars. A mix of scar types and pimples may need a multimodal treatment strategy in many circumstances.

But don’t worry! With the appropriate diagnosis from an expert cosmetic doctor, you could quickly choose the best acne treatment in Singapore for your acne scars and pimples.

What Exactly Is Acne?

Acne is a condition of the sebaceous gland, which is situated under the surface of the skin. Its duct usually opens on the surface of the skin as a small orifice of a hair follicle. This sebaceous gland produces oil, commonly known as “sebum,” which flows to the surface of the skin via the sebaceous duct, which runs along the hair follicle and shaft. Thus, increased androgen production occurs throughout adolescence, stimulating the sebaceous gland to create more sebum or oil. This extra sebum continues to circulate on the surface of the skin.

Different Acne Types

Whiteheads are small patches or lumps that are apparent as flesh-colored or white blemishes. They seldom result in scarring.

Blackheads are tiny, dark-colored lumps that may look slightly raised.

Pustules are bigger pimples that are painful when touched. The pus in the center is generally yellowish or whitish in color and is generated by a pore cavity that is infected. Acne pustules acne is often rough and uncomfortable when touched. The skin around the lump is likely to be red and irritated.

Nodules acne is a chronic form of acne characterized by big, inflammatory, painful, and hard lumps firmly embedded inside the skin. Acne lesions develop when blocked pores affect the deeper cells and tissues underneath the skin. The lesions may cause dark patches, scarring, and other skin issues.

When lesions like pustules, papules, or cysts become irritated and infected, acne scars emerge. The follicular walls are torn or pulled apart when these inflammatory lesions ‘pop’ or rupture. Deeper and larger breaches in the follicular wall lead to significant skin injury and the formation of depressed scars.

How Acne Develops

The issue starts when the sebaceous glands go into overdrive. The overactive glands begin to produce more sebum than your skin requires. Excess sebum interacts with dead skin cells to block pores or hair follicles. These blocked pores are a breeding ground for bacteria. This promotes skin inflammation, infection, and irritation. As a result, red lumps or pimples appear on the skin, typically packed with pus. You are trapped with acne before you know it.

Treatments for Acne

Medication (Oral & Topical)

Topical medicines include antibiotics or retinoids, which efficiently destroy acne germs. Because they’re absorbed by the whole body, oral acne drugs are also known as systemic therapies. Ideal for mild to severe acne, they are only accessible with a prescription from a doctor. These medications are often used to address chronic and hard-to-treat acne. Each medication has its own set of dangers and advantages. It is essential to consult with your doctor to ensure that you address your acne in an effective and safe manner.

Carbon Laser Peel

Deemed as one of the best acne treatments in Singapore, carbon laser peels are superficial laser peels that are typically used to deal with inflammatory acne. The peel provides immediate effects while also freshening and lightening your skin.

To begin, a black carbon solution is put on the face and allowed to dry for around 10 minutes. The carbon particles are then heated by a non-ablative laser as they exfoliate and penetrate the skin. A superficial skin layer and excess sebum are removed, allowing healthy collagen to grow in its place.

Most clients see rapid improvements in the appearance of their skin, and their acne clears up within a few days. Active acne has been minimized, and the skin seems revitalized and bright. best results, two or three treatments set a couple of weeks apart are required.

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