Vintage dresses for extraordinary women with taste

For admirers of non-standard retro fashion, vintage dresses are ideal. These are outfits from the distant past, which are thoroughly imbued with a shade of mystery, sensuality and unusualness.

Vintage retro dresses and women’s blouses are imbued with the spirit of history, thanks to their high quality and uniqueness, they have been relevant for many years. They make a lot of sense, and each sample is associated with a whole milestone in history.

What is vintage style?

It is rather difficult to say exactly what a vintage dress is. But it’s safe to say that the old grandmother’s dress that you just got out of the chest is vintage and fashionable.

Among the dresses, there are both popular and not very relevant styles at one time. Vintage style is not a retro trend; it cannot be attributed to a specific decade of the era.

Vintage style cocktail and wedding dresses are styles created from the 10s to the 80s of the twentieth century. These are often the most successful dress designs. Among such outfits, you can often find products of Holapick, which now conquer millions of women with their stunning collections. Women’s blouses are characterized by the use of the highest quality fabrics.

Choosing a model

The wide variety of styles of these outfits is simply amazing! These are also vintage dresses with a full skirt, which are associated with the era of the 50s. Also, these are A-line styles from the 60s. Vintage lace dresses with light and delicate patterns and lace deserve special attention.

Modern women of fashion strive to return to the trends of the past and often use these clothes in evening dresses and everyday life. Dresses of this trend are often distinguished by the richness of fabrics, the elegance of decor and ornaments, and unique hand-made embroidery.

Jacquard outfits are considered classics of the genre. Graceful patterns, rich and expensive-looking fabric make these dresses chic. There are popular princess-style outfits that are narrow in silhouette and flared from the shoulders, short flared and tight-fitting sheath dresses, and stylish models.

It is only important that the model is from a certain era, characterizes the trends of that time and carries individuality.

For whom these dresses are suitable?

Thanks to a wide variety of colors and models of vintage dresses, every woman can choose the perfect option for herself. Whatever your figure, a good cut can hide flaws and emphasize advantages.

For graduation at school or university, models with a skirt flared from the waist and a wide belt are suitable. A dress in the style of dandies is distinguished by a riot of colors and a variety of decor. Black and white women’s blouses with polka dots, small prints, with contrasting fabric inserts are the most popular for the holiday.

Vintage cocktail dresses are indispensable for a social event. The image of a touching nymph girl is easy to create if you choose a black dress with lace or openwork material. You can wear an outfit made of the finest black fabric. To create a romantic look, outfits with lace on top and a pleated skirt on the bottom are relevant.

The sophisticated and luxurious vintage dresses are varied. For a young girl, outfits with a fluffy skirt and loose sleeves are suitable. For a mature woman, a small fold or pleating on the skirt is relevant.

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