Wellness 101: Decoding The Popular Swedish Massage!

If you have never been to a spa, you may have still heard about the popularity of a Swedish massage. Spas and wellness centers offer all sorts of massages, but almost every spa has this one on their list. Swedish massage makes way for a lot of other massages, including deep tissue massage. Sports massage is also a form of its extension. Swedish massage has many benefits, and here’s what you can expect from a session.

The basics

Swedish massage is often considered to be the ideal option for beginners, and it last for about 45 minutes to 90 minutes. For reducing body pain and for induced relaxation, longer sessions are more recommended. Note that this is an oil-based massage and the strokes are not very hard. In case you want to get more pressure on the muscles, a deep tissue massage may be a better choice. Swedish massages can be offered trained massage experts only. Spas like www.stromspa.com expect clients to book an appointment in advance, and you can combined the massage with other treatments, such as a body wrap or body scrub.

During the massage

Swedish massage involves using some kind of massage oil, and the therapist will rely on strokes, gentle pressure and friction for warming up the muscles. The massage gets of kids of the muscle knots, induces proper blood circulation and relaxation. If you are allergic to certain essential oils, let the therapist know, and he/she will also ask about your health condition and whether you have pain in specific parts of the body. Note that Swedish massage is a complete nude massage, but if you are not comfortable with that, you can choose to wear an underwear and that’s completely okay.

Things to know

If you are new to massages, we strongly recommend that you select one of the known and reliable spas for the treatment. Talk to your therapist in detail, and if you have any reservations, share those. For those who are not sure if they want a Swedish massage or any other option, the best idea is to call the selected spa and ask for options. After considering the kind of experience you are seeking or your immediate concerns, they will make a recommendation.

A Swedish massage is the most effective and calming massage for anyone with no experience of messages, and it works wonders for inducing a state of calm for the mind, body and soul.

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