What To Look For In A Flight Jacket

A flight jacket is a type of flight jacket mainly worn by British pilots during World War II. In 1917 the U.S. Army took it upon itself to design a garment for its pilots to keep them warm from the cold at high altitudes. In that year, pilots flew in open cockpits. In 1926, a Briton named Leslie Irvin designed the best-known model used by the U.S. Air Force throughout the Second World War.

It is usually designed in sheepskin. The demand for this type of aviator jacket exceeded the expectations of its principal designer, so it became popular; despite changing the material of elaboration several times, the jacket never changed in terms of basic design, in addition to continuing with the same comfort and convenience. B3 Bomber Jacket is a prevalent type of Aviator Jacket because it was a jacket specially designed for high altitude flights that reached 60 degrees below zero. Of course, it has a very soft leather on the outside and firm, making it a very durable jacket.

Thanks to its great popularity nowadays there are more and more models and designs that exist, giving to talk about their styles and the possibility of being able to combine in many occasions, being perfect for cold climates, for that reason, it is a highly recommended garment, but when buying you have to take into account specific recommendations that will allow you to get the most out of these jackets as they are:

Color: The most obvious variation is the color, the predominant in this type of jacket was the ‘Seal-Brown,’ which is a very dark brown tone, very similar to black. However, there are aviator jackets of all colors; if you invest in this garment, we must first decide the use we will give it. We can opt for a neutral color, such as black, gray, or even faint green because they are colors that can be used daily as a primary garment. You can also opt for an Aviator Jacket in a bold color or print to wear as a symbolic piece.

Consider the fit: Since these types of jackets were initially designed for pilots and the military, they were naturally oversized. However, designers have come up with different models and designs; they can be worn as a significant garment or worn in a more fitted model and short versions. The main thing is to get the right size and fit that suits the physical build and allows the wearer to feel snug and comfortable. Before buying an aviator jacket, it is best to try it on.

Fabric and workmanship: As in the previous points, the material with which this type of jacket was designed is a fundamental characteristic to consider since they come in various materials and fabrics. The traditional aviator jacket is made of nylon, but it is not limited to only that material; multiple materials consider its use. If you want an aviator jacket for cold climates, you can choose from several options such as leather, quilted, or insulated. If a style is more important than warmth, you can also find them in silk or khaki fabric. The important thing is to explore all the options that this type of jacket offers us, and choose the one that best suits our needs.

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