Your Go-To Guide To AHA Peels!

At-home chemical peels have found immense popularity in recent times. While some people are still cautious about using something that’s called a ‘chemical peel”, others are open to the idea of having salon-like experience at home. A chemical peel is exactly what the name sounds like – it contains an acid that helps in skin peeling and exfoliation. Most products that have one “star” ingredient that promises the exfoliation action, and you will find many reviewers talking about AHA peels. In this post, we are sharing all you must know about AHA peeling.

What Are AHAs?

AHA, for the unversed, stands for alpha hydroxy acid. AHAs have been found to be useful for skin exfoliation and are found in many natural products. A good example of alpha hydroxy acid would be lactic acid that’s found in milk. AHAs have been used in skincare products for a while now and are particularly good at removing dead skin cells and exfoliation. AHA peels work perfectly well for those with minor scars of minimal sun damage.

Open up to acid-based exfoliating treatments

Contrary to what some people may think, acid-based exfoliating treatments are not that harsh on the skin. In fact, AHA-BHA-based peels contain acids in very low concentration, and therefore, can be even used by those who have sensitive skin. Now, just because you are using a chemical peel, it doesn’t mean that you will see the ‘peeling’ with naked eyes. With AHA peels, you can, however, expect instant results. In general, most AHA peels fall under the category of superficial peels, which are the gentlest of all categories. You can safely use an AHA peel on your skin, as long as you are using a reliable brand and have done a patch test.

How frequently should you use AHA peels?

If you are new to chemical peeling, we would recommend you to go easy. Don’t use an AHA peel, or any peel for that matter, for more than once a week. Do a patch test first, see how your skin reacts to the product, and even if the AHA peel is labeled as gentle or mild, do not use it for more than 10 minutes on your skin, at least the first time.

As for the best brands and better prices, online stores are your best bet. Check all the details before you try a chemical peel and follow the usage instructions.

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